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The world is witnessing an unprecedented convergence of rapidly growing emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), decentralised applications (dApps) and Web3.

The combination of these technologies presents a unique opportunity to create innovative solutions that can transform how we interact with the digital world and to unlock new possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

In this exciting landscape, EVEAI stands out as a true pioneer, leading with its revolutionary platform that fuses the power of AI and the power of blockchain technology.

With EVEAI, users, creators, and investors alike can tap into a world of limitless potential without any effort.

With a range of disruptive AI tools and services, our protocol enables users to liberate their creativity and imagination while our digital companion provides a personalised and immersive experience that adapts and evolves over time.

Vision and Goals

Vision and Goals

Our aim is to revolutionize the way people interact with AI and with blockchain technology, to make it accessible and easy to use for everyone. We envision a world where individuals can unlock their full creative potential by harnessing the power of these technological innovations.

We enable users by providing a platform where users can create and innovate with AI, whether it's generating unique content, creating NFTs, or playing AI-powered games.

In addition, our digital companion represents a major milestone in the development of our dApp. By offering a fully AI-powered virtual companion that can learn, adapt, and evolve over time in a way that a true, real-life partner would, we are creating a unique and personalized experience that can help users achieve their goals and fulfill their aspirations.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of decentralization and Web3 technology in the future of the digital landscape. By leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, we aim to provide a transparent platform that is secure, reliable, and accessible to everyone.

With our tokenomics model and deflationary mechanism, we are committed to creating a sustainable and long-term ecosystem for our community. By incentivizing token holders and providing a range of use cases and applications for our tokens, we believe that EVEAI can become a valuable and an integral part of the Web3/AI ecosystem.

Overall, our vision is to create a world where AI and blockchain technology work together seamlessly to unlock new opportunities, drive further innovation, and empower individuals to do what their heart desires.

Creating with AI

Creating with AI

We provide a wide range of tools and services that enable users to generate unique and high-quality content in a fun and easy way.

With our text to image generation, users can easily create stunning visuals from simple descriptions, making it easier for them to bring their ideas to life. Our text-to-text and image-to-image tools allow for quick and efficient content creation.

We understand that the creative process can be challenging, which is why we have included our prompt helper feature with the addition of negative input processing.

Our upscale HD tool is a great feature for those who need to enhance the quality of their images, while our digital companion provides a personalized and immersive experience that adapts and evolves over time.

Our NFT minting feature allows creators to easily transform their digital artwork into unique NFTs that can be sold on various marketplaces or kept as a digital asset. We believe that NFTs are the future of digital ownership, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

With our AI games, users can have fun playing while exploring all the capabilities of our platform.

With our dApp, we aim to democratize our AI to make it accessible to everyone regardless of their background or experience level.

Digital Companion

Digital Companion

The digital companion is a revolutionary product that combines the power of AI with the convenience of a virtual assistant. Our fully AI-powered companion is designed to learn, understand, and adapt to your needs, providing personalized assistance for all your AI and Web3-related tasks. With this companion, users can access all of our AI services in a fun and easy way.

It is not just an ordinary chatbot but a fully virtual partner that can converse with you, provide helpful suggestions, and assist you with complex tasks such as generating content, converting text to speech, and recognizing images and videos among other capabilities. Moreover, it can engage in games and activities, making it a fun and interactive experience.

The beauty of this companion lies in its adaptability. As you interact with it, it learns your preferences and adjusts its responses accordingly. It can help you create custom NFTs, provide prompts for your writing, and even upscale your images to higher resolutions with minimal loss of quality. Its adaptability means that it can grow with you and continue to provide value as your needs change.



EVEAI's integration with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provides an exciting opportunity for creators to showcase their unique digital assets on the blockchain. With the EVEAI DApp, users can easily mint NFTs of their artwork, and these tokens can be sold, traded or collected.

When a user mints an NFT of their artwork, a small fee in Ethereum (ETH) is charged, which is used to buy back and burn EVEAI tokens. This creates a deflationary mechanism where the more NFTs are minted, the more EVEAI's circulating supply is reduced.

In addition, as the digital companion develops and evolves, NFTs could become an integral part of the interaction between users and their digital partners. For example, users could create and customize their own unique NFTs to represent themselves or their digital companions, which could be used to unlock certain features or to interact with other users.

EVEAI's use of NFTs also offers a new way for creators and users to monetize their digital assets while supporting the EVEAI ecosystem and providing additional value to token holders.

Lastly, the use of blockchain technology provides a secure and transparent way to track ownership and authenticity of these digital assets, ensuring their value and uniqueness are preserved over time.

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AI & Web3

AI & Web3

The integration of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence opens up new opportunities to revolutionize various industries.

Our dApp is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is fully decentralized, meaning that all transactions and interactions occur on the blockchain without the need for a centralized intermediary. This ensures transparency, security, and immutability of all user-generated content and transactions.

The EVEAI Token is designed to create a seamless connection between the AI and crypto worlds, offering a unique and dynamic approach to using digital currencies in the AI ecosystem.

DApp vs Telegram Bot

DApp vs Telegram Bot

EVE AI offers two primary interfaces for users to interact with our platform: the dApp and the Telegram bot. While both provide access to cutting-edge AI technologies, there are important differences between the two.

a. DApp (Premium users)

Exclusive premium features:
-unlimited access
-watermark removal
-increased upscale image quality
-access to all our AI models
-prompt helper
-and many more!

b. Telegram Bot ( free)

Our Telegram bot provides a free way for users to test out some of the platform’s features. Users can access basic AI functionalities, such as text-to-image conversion and image-to-image translation, directly from Telegram.

Once they have a better understanding of the platform’s capabilities, they can decide whether they want to purchase the tokens for the full version of the dApp.

Note that while the Telegram bot provides a free way to test EVEAI’s features, it is limited in functionality and does not provide access to all of the advanced features available on the dApp.

Our Telegram bot also offers the possibility for users to earn gold by interacting with their digital companion. Besides using gold to unlock specific features, we are exploring the introduction of a new feature that enables users to convert their earned gold into "gifts" that can be sent to other members of the EVE AI community. These gifts would hold a different value in EVE tokens, depending on factors such as the type of gift and the current market conditions. This feature provides an opportunity for users to support creators, artists, and other contributors on the platform by offering them EVE tokens as gifts.

Purpose of the Gifting Feature
This feature is inspired by the gift-giving systems on social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitch, etc., where users can send virtual gifts to content creators as a way of supporting their work. By implementing a similar system within the EVE AI community, we can create a new way for users to engage with each other and to support the development of the platform.

To implement this feature, we will integrate a simple wallet system into the Telegram bot, allowing users to transfer gold to other users and to track their gift-giving history. This feature can also be used to support creators and incentivize participation in the community.



EVEAI is a deflationary ERC-20 token that is used for access and for transacting on our platform. Our tokenomics model is designed to provide a sustainable and long-term environment for our community while also incentivizing token holders and providing a range of use cases and applications for our tokens.

a. Distribution:
There are 100,000,000 $EVEAI tokens in total with 15% of the tokens locked and vested on Unicrypt for future CEX listings and other partnerships. On February 18, 2023, we conducted a true fair launch of our project with 85% of tokens listed on Uniswap. Our launch was completely fair as there were no presale, team tokens, seed sale, private sale, or VC involvement of any sort. We believe in building a project that is truly decentralized and community-driven, and our fair launch reflects that commitment.

b. Tax:
To ensure the longevity of our ecosystem, a 5% transaction fee has been implemented on every buy and sell. Of the 5% fee, 3% is automatically injected into the EVEAI liquidity pool by our protocol to make sure we keep a healthy growing liquidity, while the remaining 2% is utilized for the maintenance and development of our servers. This fee structure is designed to promote a sustainable EVEAI ecosystem for the benefit of all.

c. Liquidity Lock
We have taken measures to ensure the security and stability of our liquidity. Our liquidity has been locked on Team Finance for a period of one year as shown here: LINK. Moreover, our protocol incorporates a mechanism that automatically adds 3% of all transactions to our liquidity pool and locks them forever through the burning of the LP tokens. This feature has resulted in our burned liquidity (locked forever) representing 28%* of all the LP tokens, and this percentage is expected to keep growing with volume over time. This ensures that there's a stable foundation for the growth and development of our platform.

d. Utility
EVEAI tokens are multi-functional within our ecosystem and can serve a variety of purposes such as granting premium access to the dApp and unlocking all its features as well as providing access to the Digital Companion. Additionally, we plan to introduce many more uses for EVE tokens in the future.

By offering such diverse utility, we aim to incentivize our token holders to actively engage with other users and our products in our ecosystem and create sustained demand for EVEAI tokens. This in turn will help foster a thriving community of users and stakeholders, driving growth and innovation on our platform.

e. Deflationary Mechanism
Our deflationary mechanism ensures that the supply of EVE tokens decreases over time to create scarcity and drives up the value of the remaining tokens.
For example, when a user mints an NFT of their artwork, a small fee in Ethereum (ETH) is charged, which is then used to buy back and burn EVEAI tokens.The more NFTs are minted, the more the supply of EVEAI tokens is reduced.
Lastly, our unique protocol is burning tokens on a regular basis, bringing value to the holders through this simple reduction.

Use Cases and Applications

Use Cases and Applications

The EVEAI platform has a wide range of use cases and applications for multiple industries. Our AI tools and services are designed to empower individuals and businesses, making it easier for them to innovate and create unique solutions that were previously unimaginable. Here are some examples:

a. Content creation: Our text-to-image generation, text-to-text, image-to-image and even videos tools enable users to create unique and high-quality content in an interactive and easy way. Our upscale HD tool is great for enhancing the quality of images, while our negative and prompt helper features provide valuable support during the creative process.

b. NFTs: Our NFT minting feature allows creators to effortlessly transform their digital artwork into unique NFTs that can be sold on various marketplaces or kept as a digital asset. With EVEAI, NFT creation becomes more accessible to everyone, enabling less technical people to participate in the growing NFT economy.

c. AI Games: Our AI-powered games provide a fun and interactive way for users to explore the capabilities of our platform. Users can experience the power of our AI algorithms in a meaningful yet playful way.

d. Personalized Digital Companion: Our fully AI-powered virtual partner provides personalized assistance for all your AI and web3-related tasks. With the ability to learn and adapt to your preferences over time, the digital companion provides a unique and immersive experience.

e. Education: Create educational content, generate personalized quizzes and tests, and even provide feedback on student work with the help of our AI.

f. Healthcare: Analyze medical data, generate diagnoses, and create personalized treatment plans for patients.

g. E-commerce: Generate personalized product recommendations, analyze customer data, and provide virtual shopping assistants.

h. Marketing: Create targeted ad campaigns, analyze customer data, and quickly generate content for social media. Overall, the potential applications for EVEAI are vast and its utility is far-reaching. By leveraging the power of AI and blockchain technology, we believe that our platform can enable a new wave of innovation and creativity, empowering individuals and businesses equally.



We have already achieved several milestones in the development of EVEAI including launching our dApp, the free telegram bot, the digital companion beta and several other AI-powered products for content creation. However, we believe that we have only scratched the surface of what is possible with AI and Web3 technologies.

Here is an overview of our planned roadmap for the future:

-Digital Companion Beta Version 1.7 Upgrade
-Website v2
-NFTs Mints
-Community Gallery
-Video Generation for EVIPS*
*Must hold 50K EVEAI, and number is subject to change
-Scaling Our Ecosystem and Increasing GPUs & Servers
-NFT Collection Creation
-OnlyAIFans Beta Launch
-Public API
-Phone App
-The Full Release of Digital Companion
-And Other Future Features

As the AI and Web3 landscape continues to evolve rapidly, we will maintain flexibility and adaptability to ensure that our project remains relevant and competitive in this ever-changing andscape.



0xAI Studio, creators of the EVE AI project, are pioneers in AI and blockchain technologies, dedicating their expertise to craft next-generation solutions that have a transformative effect on society. Comprising a diverse group of professionals from AI, blockchain, and other relevant fields, the team is propelled by their shared vision to tackle key societal challenges.

Our mission at 0xAI Studio is not just to push the boundaries of AI but to fuse it with Web3 technologies, forming secure, transparent solutions that address real-world problems and enhance social exchange. We are ardent believers in a future where AI and blockchain seamlessly integrate to drive positive change, and we are unwaveringly committed to transforming this vision into reality.

As an inclusive and diverse team, we strive to foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and excellence. Our world-class experts are united by their passion for technology and their commitment to effecting positive societal change. We are continually driven to develop groundbreaking solutions that address the most pressing issues individuals and organizations face today.

As the powerhouse behind the EVE AI project, 0xAI Studio plays a pivotal role in shaping its trajectory and ensuring its success. With our deep-rooted expertise in AI and blockchain, we are determined to build a future where these technologies mesh together to create a better world, bringing about a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and organizations.

Technology and Approach

Technology and Approach

We are committed to leveraging the latest advancements in AI and other technologies to create a one unified Decentralized Application that goes beyond traditional applications. Our approach is multi-faceted, combining various techniques and methodologies to achieve our vision.

a. Natural Language Processing (NLP): We utilize state-of-the-art NLP algorithms to enable our Digital Partner to understand and process human language in an accurate and meaningful way.

This includes tasks such as sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and language generation, allowing our Digital Partner to engage in natural conversations with users.

b. Image and Video Recognition: We leverage advanced image and video recognition technologies to enable our Digital Partner to interpret visual information from the environment. This includes tasks such as object recognition, facial recognition, and emotion recognition, enabling our Digital Partner to perceive and respond to visual cues in a human-like manner.

c. Machine Learning (ML): We employ ML algorithms to enable our Digital Partner to learn from user interactions and adapt its behaviour over time. This includes tasks such as supervised and unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, and deep learning, allowing our Digital Partner to continuously improve its capabilities and personalise its responses to users.

d. Emerging Technologies: We explore and integrate emerging technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and emotion recognition, to create a more immersive and personalised experience for users. This allows our Digital Partner to engage with users in a more interactive and meaningful way, enhancing the overall user experience.

Our approach is iterative and agile, involving constant experimentation, testing, and refinement to ensure that our Digital Partner evolves with the latest advancements in technology and user needs. We also prioritize user privacy and data security, implementing robust security measures to protect user information and ensure a safe and trustworthy user experience.

By combining the power of NLP, image and video recognition, machine learning, and emerging technologies, we aim to create a Digital Partner that sets new standards for human-computer interaction. Our technology and approach pave the way for a future where AI is not just a tool, but a virtual companion that understands, learns, and adapts to human interactions in a way that is truly reminiscent of a real partner



In conclusion, EVEAI is a revolutionary project that combines the power of AI and the decentralized finance to provide users with a unique and innovative Web3 / AI platform. With our suite of AI-powered products and services, users can create high-quality content, mint NFTs, and interact with their own virtual digital companion in a fun and intuitive way.

Our platform is built on the principles of decentralization, transparency, and community-driven participation and development, making it a truly unique offering in the decentralised finance space. Our tokenomics are designed to incentivize long-term holding and reward users for contributing to the growth and development of our ecosystem.

Looking forward, we have an ambitious roadmap that includes expanding our product offerings, building out our digital companion, and continuing to innovate in the AI and DeFi. We are excited to be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industries, and we look forward to building a vibrant and engaged community of users and developers around our platform.

We believe that EVEAI has the potential to revolutionize the way that people create and interact with AI-powered content, and we are committed to working tirelessly to bring our vision to life. Thank you for joining us on this journey as we look forward to shaping the future of AI and blockchain technologies together.

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